Saturday, January 3, 2015

Tidings of Christmas and Joy

Dear Ian,

 Another Christmas has come and gone, and once again, your Momma is writing all about it in the month of January.  But hey, this Christmas break has been a whirlwind of activity, so cut a Mommy some slack. 

As usual, our Christmas season was kicked off with your class Christmas program.  This year, since you're in the big Pre-Kindergarten class, you actually got to put on a play of the first Christmas.  My little bear was the first Wise King, and your line was, "I see a beautiful star!  Let's follow it!"  You and your class did such a good job, and then at the end, you all got to play the hand bells - another Pre-K special thing.  It took a couple of runs through, but eventually, "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" rang out loud and clear. 

Ms. Jan, Ms. Nancy and  Ms. Katie did a great job of getting your class all prepared, and the show made all of us parents so proud. 
 You, Me and Daddy after your show.
 Grandma and Grandpa Brooks and Grandma Davis also came to see your show! 
 Here you are with Santa.  It took us a little while to actually get to see Santa, as we were so very busy getting everything else all ready.  But we got there in the end. 

You were very decisive this year, as it pertained to your Christmas wishes.  And as usual, once you made up your mind about what you wanted, you never deviated.  You asked Santa for a drum set, a Lego Airplane, a bowling ball and bowling shoes, and a monster truck.  After a conference call with the Grandmas, Mommy and Santa, we all decided to break down your wishes.  Santa brought you the drum set and Legos, Momma was able to procure the bowling ball and shoes (which was AWESOME!) and Grandma and Papa Davis gifted you the monster truck.  It's remote control and plays music.  Lord help.  Grandma and Grandpa Brooks built you an elaborate electric train set up.  You are such a lucky Bear. 
 Here you are on Christmas Morning.  I've taken a picture like this every year since you were two months old.  Awww.  Sappy Mommy Moment.
 You were so excited about your drum set!  It is a nice beginner set, and at the moment, isn't as loud as I expected it to be. 
 You and your bowling ball.  You are so proud of it!
 You cant see them in this photo, but you had to put your shoes on and pose with your bowling ball.  I LOVE the fact that you are so excited about bowling. 
After the Christmas morning craziness at our house, it was time to load up and head to Grandma and Papa's house.  Nole, Uncle Brian, Aunt Maggie, Aunt Megan, Uncle Gary, Payton and Taylor were all there, too, and then more craziness ensued.  It is always so awesome to see you with your cousins.  Everyone is growing up so fast, and it's neat to watch you all play together.
Holy Cow.  You and the other grands are so spoiled.
Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Robot!  Thanks, Uncle Brian and Aunt Maggie!
Did I mention that you and the grands are spoiled?!  Here's The Blessing 2.  Tallahassee had torrential rain just before Christmas, so there was this massive puddle behind Grandma and Papa's house.  It was actually deep enough for you guys to paddle around in it!!
 Christmas dinner in the barn this year!  Our family is growing by leaps and bounds, so we're running out of room in the house.  Grandma and Grandpa Brooks came out, too, and that was really nice.  This was a neat touch.  And I know it made Papa happy.
 Me and my Christmas Bear.  I love this little face so much.
 It's a four alarm family Christmas.  Where's the Tylenol?
That's a lot of family.  

And so, that was Christmas.  It was a great day filled with family, inappropriate jokes, horse-shoe tournaments, and lots and lots of food.  And love.  You are surrounded by people who love you, and that makes my heart so full.  Merry Christmas, Little Bear!


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