Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Fun, Week Two

Dear Ian,

This week has been a mess.  Well, not really, but what I mean is that our daily activities haven't exactly gone as planned.  That's all right, though, as we have recouped and regrouped and persevered in our attempts to have an awesome summer. 

On Monday, we were supposed to go blackberry picking out at Grandma and Papa Davis' house, but I threw out my back one way or another, so I didn't think traipsing through the woods with a back spasm was a good idea.  Instead, we set up a painting center outside, and you let your inner Picasso (or Monet, or Rembrandt or whoever) run wild. 

 Here you are working on your masterpiece.
 The artist hard at work.
After you finished your artwork, it was time to clean up, and I honestly think that this was more fun for you than the actual painting.  I gave you a hose and a sponge, and you got to it.  All in all, you spent about 3 hours outside, so it was pretty awesome for Mommy.

 Had to get all the paint of your table.
Rinse cycle.  You hosed off the concrete, the fence and your playhouse too.  Then you moved on to all of your riding toys.  It's the simple things...
Tuesday we actually managed to follow through with our activity.  I had a book that I wanted to mail to Mrs. Lisa in England, so you and I wrote a letter to your friend Ben, too, and then we took it to the post office.  Sadly, I dont have any pictures, but the lady at the post office was awesome!  She gave you all kinds of mailing stickers (first class, air mail, etc.) and she gave you a stamp on your hand.  You got to see where the mail gets sorted, and then you counted the aisles of mailboxes (there are five, just in case anyone is wondering).  It was a quick trip, but you had fun and we got our task of mailing stuff accomplished. 
On Wednesday we were supposed to have a play-date with your aforementioned friend, Ben Gregory, but they had plans come up, so you and I adapted.  We went to Walmart.  We played around the house.  Correction, we cleaned the house.  But you like dusting, so it was all good.
On Thursday, it was the weather that thwarted our plans.  Our paper chain activity for today was creating a lemonade stand.  We had everything we needed to put this plan into action, but then Tropical Storm Andrea dumped a bit of rain on us, so we decided it would be best not to even worry with it.  We hunkered down with movies and popcorn and made the best of it.
Here you are watching Star Trek.  You and Daddy love to watch old episodes of this show together. 
Friday dawned dry and sunshiney, thank goodness, and we were glad that we might be able to have our planned activities, but then something happened.  The City showed up to repair a leaky pipe under our cul-de-sac, so you got your own private morning entertainment.  Thankfully Daddy moved the cars, so we are still able to go out and about, but for the morning, we were slow to get going due to all of the excitement.
Backhoes in the driveway again.  This was before they dug the 10 foot deep hole in the road right in front of our driveway.  Exciting times.
Thankfully we were able to get out of our drive way, because then we all went bowling as a family!  That's right!  Even Mommy and Daddy got in on the fun today.  It was a total blast.  Daddy and I haven't done that in a long time, so it was fun getting back into the bowling groove.  And you did really well today!  I think you are really getting the hang of it! 
Then after bowling we all came home and took a quick nap (made even quicker because all of the noise from the goings out outside woke you up early), and then you friend Ben Gregory from school came over to play!  The two of you played in your room for a bit, and then the party moved outside to the slip and slide and the pool.  You guys were so cute together!!  Here are two of my favorite pictures from the day. 
 You and Ben racing and wiping out on the slip and slide

So, all in all this week was pretty awesome.  And we have a few tricks up our sleeves with those activities that didn't work out this week.  We'll save them for a non-rainy day.  Happy week two of summer!

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