Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Fun, Week Three

Dear Ian,

Week three is coming to a close on our summer fun, and yes, I normally write these on a Friday.  But tomorrow Friday, we are leaving to go to Destin for the weekend, so I figured I'd better go ahead and get this one done.  This weekend is going to be a lot of fun in itself, so I'm wrapping up this week on Thursday.  

This week started with a necessary evil: Shopping.  You are a skinny little dude, and two years ago I
bought you a couple of bathing suits from Target.  I am thrilled to say that 44 month old little you have finally out grown your 12-18 month bathing suits.  Yup!  You have graduated to a 2T!  And it wasn't just your bathing suits that you've outgrown.  A number of your shorts are all too small now too, so we loaded up and headed off to Gymboree.  We managed to get you about three pairs of shorts and a new bathing suit.  And a couple of cute shirts.  I have a Gymboree addiction.  We did well, though, as they are having a pretty good sale at the moment.  Anyhoo, you were really well behaved in the store, and I didn't spend a fortune, so afterward we rewarded ourselves with smoothies from Tropical Smoothie.  You love that place.  So, smoothie in hand, we celebrated a fun morning and headed back home.  You were a lucky duck and got to have a sleepover with Grandma Brooks this night, and Mommy and Daddy went on a much needed dinner date.  It was a fun way to start the week

Tuesday was awesome!!!  Can I just say, God bless Walmart and God Bless the Dollar Store and found a package of about a zillion water balloons for a dollar, and this is what we did on Tuesday!  While I waited for you and Grandma Brooks to come home, I filled up a bunch of the water balloons and had them ready and waiting for you.  When you got home, we changed into bathing suits and had an all-out water balloon war.  I think you won, as I was completely soaking wet by the time we were done.  In my defense, I think I let you win, but hey.  After the war, we hopped in the pool and you had a blast swimming and floating around.  Come to think of it, I think you've been in the pool almost every day! 

 The arsenal before the war
Action shot.  My poor, poor phone...
 Love this little face!
My Bear is quite the fish.
Our Wednesday activities started off with a morning in the pool, and then we came inside to beat the heat.  (And MAN is it hot already!)  This Wednesday our activity of building blanket and sheet forts in the living room kept us nice and cool and inside for a bit.  And we're not talking little bitty forts.  Mommy has some skills.  With the help of two twin sheets, two queen sheets, a fake ficus tree and some alligator paper clips, we turned our living room into what looked a bit like a Turkish bazaar. 
You even got to eat lunch in your blanket fort!  It was a lot of fun.  After you woke up from nap, Daddy even crawled in and read you a couple of books.  Here are our pictures of that fun:
 We used your little tunnel as your entrance. 
You and your loveys hanging out in your tent.
And that leads us up to today.  Remember last week when we were supposed to do a lemonade stand? Well, we finally did it!  On what I think was the hottest day so far in Tallahassee. Whew.  But we had a good time.  You helped me make pink lemonade and a special pineapple-lemonade recipe I found on Pinterest.  We also baked some sprinkle cookies, and you peddled your wares in our drive way.  Back when we originally planned this lemonade stand, we talked about giving the money we could possibly make to people who need it.  You said you wanted to donate it to "sick kids," so we decided on St. Jude's Children's Hospital as our recipient.  We made some signs, set up, and got to work.  It got really hot out there, so we also set up the sprinkler for you to cool off with.  We only had three customers: Grandma Brooks, Daddy and Mr. Patrick and Ms. Christina from next door, but it was fun.  And you learned a little bit, too.  Like how there are four quarters in a dollar and how to be a salesman.  You waved at passing cars and tried upselling :) 
 Working on signs for our lemonade stand.
You and your little lemonade stand.  It wasn't anything fancy, but you enjoyed it!
Week three comes to an end!  Well, before we start next week we have a fun weekend planned too, but we're blasting through this summer.  I've got a few more fun tricks ahead, and I hope you're enjoying this as much as I am!
I love you!

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