Friday, December 28, 2012

Works of Art #40 - Christmas Edition

Dear Ian,

Things are in full Christmas swing around here, and to help prepare for the holiday, you and your class have been super busy. 

 First you brought home an adorable reindeer made out of Popsicle sticks.  He's so cute! 
 Next came this gorgeous poinsettia flower.  I LOVE this.
 Here's a neat snowflake made out of recycled toilet paper tubes and painted with white and white glitter.
 Look at this neat candy cane you made!  I especially like the pattern you did with the red and white.
 This is a cute stocking you decorated.  I know that you made this in art with Miss Lynn, because my class made one, too.
This is a neat wreath you made with dot markers.  I really like this one, too!
Finally, here's the gift that Miss Katie and Miss Mallory helped you make for me and Daddy.  It's a Rudolph made out of your hands and a foot print.  I love him!  He's going to hang with the one you made a long time ago when you stayed home with me and the one you made last year with Miss Laura.  I love the fact that by the time you graduate Advent, we will have a whole collection of these banners.  It makes me smile.

You might be wondering where we put all of these great ornaments and decorations that you made.  Well, wonder no longer:

 This is your very own Ian Christmas Tree.  Here's where we have placed all of the hand-made ornaments that you have created.   We have last year's ornaments hanging next to this year's, and I cant wait to see how they change and develop as you grow.  It's a neat tree.  And it's all yours.

Merry Christmas, Baby Bear!
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