Thursday, December 6, 2012

Otter Antics, Week Two

Dear Ian,

 It's officially been three weeks since Otter the Elf moved into our house to keep an eye on you for Santa, and he has been a busy little dude.  Like before, I took pictures of all of the crazy things we caught him doing so we can let Santa know he himself is a little naughty at times.  

 Here we found him in the chandelier over the dining room table.  We're assuming he was helping us decorate, as those lovely snowflakes weren't there before he arrived.  I guess he got stuck
putting them up for us.
 The next day we found that funny little elf at your spot at the dining room table.  He had apparently raided your closet for something to play with and found your legos.  He is quite the architect and built himself a little house of Duplos.
 This little escapade we caught him in was pretty funny.  Taking a late night joy-ride on your bee...
 Uh oh.  The morning after we put up our Christmas tree, we found Otter in it looking at all the ornaments.  He got a little close to some of Mommy's breakable ones...
 Nutty Elf.  Apparently traveling to the North Pole every night is dirty work.  Or maybe Otter just needed to warm up in this little bubble bath.  Either way, it made brushing your teeth the next morning difficult.
 Awww.  On this morning, Otter was being really sweet.  He brought you a new coloring book, and he even colored a picture for you!  How thoughtful.
 Sleepy Otter.  This morning we found him snuggled up with one of your Lovies.  Good thing you didn't mind sharing.
 Daddy thinks that this night it was too cold for Otter to go all the way to the North Pole, so he used Daddy's Ham Radio to communicate with Santa about your day.  He even has his own call sign!  KC4 ELF!
And the last picture in our weekly wrap-up:  Otter used your Montessori letters to spell out a special message to you!

Love you, Monkey!

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