Saturday, December 17, 2011

There's No Business Like Show Business

Dear Ian,

This post is all about your big acting and musical debut.  Your school, under the direction of the amazing Miss Jan the music teacher, hosted a Christmas Musical Show last week.  Starting around Thanksgiving, your class, as well as the other classes in the school (mine included) started working on the mastery and perfection of several Christmas songs including instruments. 

Now, Miss Jan had already informed me that during music class, you are typically an "observer" rather than a "participant" of all the musical activities, but that you always know exactly what's going on.  True to this description, you would come home and tell me all about singing Christmas songs in class, and you even sang a few for Daddy and me, but when ever we asked if you were going to sing on stage, you promptly responded, "No."  Therefore, I was really interested in whether or not you were going to stick to this plan or perform once you got on stage with your peers and in front of all those adoring parents, grandparents and other family members.  You're a little bit of a ham.  But I digress...

On Tuesday, your class along with the younger toddler class of Miss Vicky and Miss Dawnadee, took to the stage.  I got to run up from my room to watch, but as we had planned for all of your Grands and Daddy to come on Wednesday, it was just me that got to see this version of the show.  Now before I say another word about how adorable you were, I need to first give tons of credit to Miss Jan, the music teacher and the rest of the teachers involved in this event; somehow they managed to train all most  of these little people to stay on the stage.  There were a few emotional breakdowns from the younger kids once they realized that some of the grown ups in the crowd were related to them, but instead of coming to rescue them, just idly sat there.  You, and most of your class, however sat up there like a champ, doing what was expected of you.  Unfortunately, in your case, that was all you did: what was expected.  You showed up, sat when you were supposed to sit and stood when you were supposed to stand.  That was pretty much it, though.  You remained silent for the duration of the performance, although you smiled the whole time. 

Finally it was Wednesday  This was the day of your other class performance, and since this group of kids is a little older, the show was a little less... emotional.  Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa Brooks, Grandma and Papa Davis and I all got to go.  Once again you looked adorable in your little holiday outfit, and you were so well behaved.  You walked in like a big kid, found your spot, did what you were told, and... stayed mute throughout the singing portion of the performance.  Sigh.  But when it was time to ring your sleigh bells or shake your maraca, you really got into that part. 

Even though you didn't sing a word of your songs, we were so proud of you!  At just two years old, you had your very first public performance under your belt, and there were no tears or fears.  Just a quiet, dignified silence.  Although you were supposed to be singing.  Oh well.

Here's a few pictures from your Christmas show:
 You sitting on stage with your friend Joe Moody.  While you were the strong, silent type, Joe Moody sang enough for the two of you.  Opposites attract, I guess.
 Shaking your maracas.  You really got into the parts with instruments.  Maybe it's because Daddy and I were in band and not chorus?
 The whole big group of you on stage. Your class and Miss Vicky and Miss Dawnadee's class.  Miss Jordan, one of your teachers, is sitting next to you.  The teachers and Miss Jan needed standing ovations after accomplishing the feat of getting you all up there and staying put. 
 Playing the jingle bells while all of the adults in the room sang, can you guess it, Jingle Bells.
  All of your family members that came to watch your show.  We were all so proud of you!  

And there you have it!  Your first show is complete, and you've been launched into the glitzy world of family paparazzi and adoring family fans.  I cant wait until your End of The Year performance to see if you actually participate in the show.  But even if you don't, Daddy and I will still be your number one fans. 

Love you tons!
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