Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Dear Ian,

Holy Moly!  Mommy is really behind on your letters.  In my defense, this time of year is usually completely nutty, and as expected, I'm running 50 different directions.  But it's an absolute blast.  You're two, raring with holiday energy, and you can help me wrap your own gifts for family.  Sort of. 

Lots of things are going on to help get us in the spirit of the holiday season.  First things first was our annual Christmas pictures for our cards to friends and family.  We all donned our gay apparel (shades of green this year) and headed over to Dorothy B. Oven Park.  Mommy set up the camera on the tripod, got you and Daddy seated, aimed, ran and sat and begged Miss Patti to jump up and down to get you to smile.  They came out pretty good, if I must say so myself.  Especially for self portraits.  Then Daddy took a picture of me with you, and I took a picture of you and Daddy, and viola.  We had a card!
Then our little family participated in a Christmas festival in Market Square right around the corner from the house.  You got to see Santa Claus, listen to Tuba Christmas, play in a bounce house and even ride a pony!  You actually did a pretty good job with Santa this year.  You needed Daddy to sit with you a little, but that was ok.  After your visit with Santa, you got a free candy cane, and that just made your day.  We also shared some ice cream at the Lofty Pursuits store.  It was great fun.  You had a BLAST on the bounce house and slide, and you really seemed to enjoy the pony ride.  Your pony's name was Star.  Here's some pictures from that day...
 You and Daddy with Santa.  You told him you wanted a big, red firetruck for Christmas! 
 You and the pony named Star.  Mommy LOVED this!
 Weeeee!!!  You giggled the entire way down. 
 Our newest Christmas tradition:  You and Daddy doing your Advent Calendar.  Every day you learn to recognize a new number, open the door and then...
 ...you and Daddy get to eat the yummy chocolate inside!! 

But Daddy's not the only one doing Christmas-countdown fun.  I made the little Santa poster in the picture below, and every day we add a new cotton ball to Santa's beard to help us see how many days are left until Christmas!  You are having a fun time filling Santa's beard. 
Having you has definitely added another element of fun to all of our holiday events and preparations.  There's nothing better than seeing the magic of Christmas through your eyes.  

We love you, Little Man,
Mommy and Daddy
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