Sunday, July 31, 2011

Growing Up Is Hard To Do (especially for Mommy)

Dear Ian,

When you were born, your Daddy and I planned on you and I staying home together until you were three or so, and at that point, we would consider a part-time preschool program - mornings only - to gradually introduce you into the world of academia.  You, it seemed, had a different time table in mind, and although we have a great time learning and doing art in Miss Mommy's classroom, I began to get the impression that it was time for bigger and better things for you.  Namely, you needed more kids your age with whom you could interact.  So I began the gradual process of trying to find a school we liked that offered a program with the part-time schedule we needed and that wouldn't be too much of a financial strain.  I looked at websites, called different places, but no one offered a mornings only program for just a couple of days a week.  Then the magic happened...

At swimming one day, I was talking with another Mommy about what I was looking for, and she reminded me of Advent Parish Day School, a small church preschool just around the way from our house.  I had totally forgotten about them!  So, we called and arranged to take a tour.  Right away, I fell in love with the place.  It was exactly what I wanted for you!  It had a small classroom with the perfect number of students and teachers, a cute playground just for kids your age, and dedicated classrooms and teachers for activities like music, science, library time and art.  Perfect!  The school also has a great reputation, and their teachers have all been there for a long time.  That means a lot to me; teacher turnover can be tough on little kids and the overall morale of the school.  Anyhoo...  Also neat to know is that your Grandma Brooks also taught there when Daddy, Uncle Ryan and Uncle Kurt were students at Advent.  You are going to your Daddy's school!

I knew that Advent would be the perfect environment for you, and it was solidified even more in my mind when she told me that they had a program that was two mornings a week from nine in the morning to noon.  Again, it was exactly what we were looking for!  Miss Christene, the director, then began explaining fees, and while the tuition isn't too bad, I still felt like I needed to find a way to help supplement our income so that Daddy wasn't solely bearing the brunt of our new adventure.  I thought about keeping babies here in the house, but I wasn't sure how that would work.  What if you got sick or hurt and I needed to come get you right away?  And if I was staying home with other kids, why aren't I just keeping you at home, too?  Tough questions.  A tougher question, though was, 'who in the world is going to hire me to work three hours a day, twice a week?!'  I was talking out loud to myself, and that's when Miss Christene mentioned that they needed a teacher's assistant.  It was all working out a little too perfectly.

Miss Christene and I worked out some logistics, like how you will be attending five days a week now instead of two (but since I will be right there with you, I'm ok with it), and we scheduled a real interview, and long story short: you and I will both start "school" in a couple of weeks.  We've done a little school shopping for you, which included some new sneakers, a few new t-shirts and a backpack and lunch box, but we need to do a little more shopping for me.  I can't wait to take a picture of you on your first day, and although I know this is only part-day preschool with me right next door, I'm already getting a little emotional about sending you off to class.  Where has the time gone!

I'm sure you will enjoy this new experience; you walked into the classroom during your tour, sat right down and started playing with toys.  Of course, I'm prepared for a few bumpy days, but all in all, I think this will be a great new adventure. 

I will post more about your first school experience, especially after your first day, but for now, I'm going to enjoy our mornings at home, just you and me. 

I love you, Big Boy!

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