Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Funny Little Things

Dear Ian,

Lately I've been thinking about the little things that you are currently doing that I might forget.  Then I remembered that we are lucky enough to have this blog to help us remember!  So here's a post all about your funny little things that make me smile:

1.  The way you say "hiccups."  This cracks me up.  You currently pronounce it "hup-pic," and it makes me giggle.  And lately you've been getting the "hup-pics" a lot.

2.  Your helpful spirit.  You love to watch us cook, "fold" laundry (really you just pull it out of the dryer for me) and vacuum.  When I vacuum the house, you do the front hallway by yourself.  Gives me time to quick-mop the floor, and you love it.  Another helpful story that comes to mind is from yesterday.  We had a small leak in one of the air conditioner pipes, and it was causing a brown spot on the ceiling by the kitchen.  Mr. Chris, our handy-dude, is repairing it for us, and yesterday when he was working away, you went in your room and got your toy drill to help him out.

3.  You love to read the same books over and over and over...  And lately, your favorites are Hand Hand Fingers Thumb and The Truck Book.  You even read Hand Hand Fingers Thumb to yourself!  You love to say "dum ditty dum ditty," and you could hear that book a thousand and a half times.  After reading the book one day, I asked you if you wanted to hear it one more time, and now after we finish reading, you say "Time?" to ask for it again.  The Truck Book is your other favorite, and Mommy has learned so much about the different kinds of big trucks and working vehicles.  Your favorite thing to do is crawl up on the couch with us and read, and that thrills me to no end, Little Boy

4.  I love to get you up in the morning.  As of late, you wake up around 7:15 or so, and you stand up in your bed and holler for me.  But when I walk in your room, you say "Hi!" in the happiest little voice.  Sometimes you even say "Mornin'!"  Whatever kind of not-enough-sleep grumpy mood I'm in, hearing you say that puts the biggest smile on my face.  Then you give out your morning hugs and kisses.  Sigh.  Makes my morning.

5.  You have a new-found love of stickers.  This started recently at swimming lessons.  After every class you get to pick out a sticker, and we have been collecting them on your swimming folder.  We absolutely cannot leave swimming without a sticker now, and you have recently discovered that Mommy has a sticker collection, too.  Believe me, small son, that I will be using this to my advantage.

6.  And speaking of swimming, BOY have you learned and improved so much!  You now kick your feet and scoop with your arms, and you can actually get from point A to point B as long as they aren't too far apart.  You LOVE being in the water.  And we just got our pool liner replaced, so I know where our family will be on weekends and evenings.

Other stuff that makes the right-now-you you:
- you're still attached to Lovey.
- you have to smell all of the ingredients I cook with, and again, you love to help stir things.
- whenever we go anywhere, I guess you think we are going somewhere to play because you "call roll" of all of your friends.  You also do this when you're at the table; the chair that Sarah, Issa and Payton use is to your left, and you point and "ask" where they are.
- You love all things transportation.  The other day we sat outside at Baskin Robbins, and while I thought you'd be thrilled at the ice cream, you were more excited to watch the trucks go by.  And watch the flag wave.
- And yes, you still have a fixation with the American flag.  You're getting better at pronouncing that word, too. 

Little Bear, I'm so glad I am able to write all of this down for you.  And for me.  I think of how fast time has gone by when you were just a little squirt, and I can only imagine it's going to get faster.  This post preserves little-almost-two you, and for that, I'm so thankful.

Love you tons and tons,

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