Thursday, May 26, 2011

The King and His Throne

Dear Ian,

Yup, I'm sure you can guess what this post is about.  Today we hit a milestone in your quest to master the Great White Beast.  But first, a little history...

We have not been officially potty training, but for the past few months, we have been hanging out with the potty, watching everyone in the house pee and talking about bathroom stuff.  You would sit every now and again, and then we started noticing a pattern of dryness, and so we starting timing trips and you were pee peeing in the potty.  But this it not potty training; this was just potty awareness.  Then, after a couple of weeks of that, you started becoming aware that you had control over this.  We'd sit you on the potty, and you would look down at your self, concentrate and pee.  Mommy's "aha" light went on at this point.  Nap times are consistently dry, you understand the concept... maybe...

So at that point, here's where we stood:
1.  You could say "pee pee," "poo poo" and "potty."  Step one on Mommy's Potty-training Readiness list was that you had to be able to communicate the words to go.
2.  You were having consistent dry times.  Step 2 on MPR was bladder muscle control.  Obviously your little bladder can hold more since you could stay dry for at least 4 hours.  
3.  You were aware that pee pee came from pee pee parts.  Blah blah, potty readiness...

But still we didn't move on to potty training.  I mean, dude, you're only 19 months old.  

But today, I think you showed me that maybe we're getting closer to this little adventure.  This morning, you woke up, we changed your diaper and you went on your merry way.  We had breakfast, played, you ate more, and played more.  Then all of a sudden, you looked at me and said, "Potty."  Then you did your little toddler run to the front of the house.  When you noticed that I didn't follow you, you turned to me again and said, "Potty!"  I thought, sure, whatever...  I got up, and we went into the bathroom.  Your diaper was dry, which is typical for that time of day, but we took it off and hopped up on the toilet.  You sat there for a second, thought about whatever goes through your mind, and then you peed.  Whoa.  Even in my early morning, half-awake state I caught on to what had just transpired.  Holy moly.  Is it really time?  Was this just coincidence?  

Just now before nap, though, I had you on the changing table checking your diaper (which was dry) you said it again, so we went again.  And yup, you peed again.  Now, since I'm not in your head, I can't be officially sure that you are getting the connection, but I'm not one to let magic pass me by.  No, we're not moving on to big boy undies just yet, but I'm going to really be paying attention.  We may be heading to potty training land pretty soon.

'Cause when you gotta go, you gotta go!

Love always,

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