Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Your new girlfriend, Sarah

Dear Ian,

Last night you had your very first evening with a babysitter that wasn't a family member. Miss Sarah, a daughter of one of the attorneys at Grandma Davis' work, came to stay with you while I went to teach baton twirling. She is a super sweet girl, and I think the two of you really got on well together. Yes, I could have asked a Grandma to come and stay with you, and I'm sure they would have broken land speed records to get here, but I thought it was a good time for you to have exposure to other grown-ups and authority figures. Being the easy baby that you are, you didn't seemed fazed in the slightest by her arrival or my departure.

On one hand, I'm really glad that you took to this new arrangement so well. I hate to see you upset, and I'm sure it made things easier for Sarah to not have you get upset, too. But, on the other hand, I was apprehensive about leaving my baby, and I hope, in a small way, that you missed me, too. By the time I got home, Sarah was gone because Daddy had come home, and he had already put you to bed. I sure missed my night-time routine with you and those last snuggles of the day. I was a little sad, I'll be honest. But, this was good for all of us; you, Sarah, Daddy and me. I was able to go have me time and do something that I absolutely love. I just love you more, so I can't say I was completely at ease.

I am proud of myself, though. I only called once, and then I talked to Daddy a couple of times after Sarah left to get his opinion on how things went and to check up on you. I was confident in the decision to "hire" Sarah because I know her family and their back-ground, and because she came over to play and had a sort of interview before your stay with her. I think she fell in love with you that afternoon. However, you usually charm most people you meet, so it wasn't hard to convince her to come play with you.

So, we've done it. I've made that weird leap from being a baby-sitter to needing one, and you have won the heart of yet another person. She's going to come again tomorrow, as I have one more day of twirling camp to teach. Most likely, if I start teaching regular classes, she will be your consistent baby-sitter for that day. Don't worry, though; we'll reassure the Grandmas that they always get first dibs.


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