Sunday, November 30, 2014

Field Trippin'

Dear Ian,

This year is your last year at Advent, as you are now a big pre-kindergarten kid.  I am not entirely sure how that happened, since I swear you just turned one last week, but as usual, I'm getting sappy and far away from the point.  Back to topic.

Yup, this year you in Ms. Nancy's class.  The same big-kid class I had been teaching in for the last three years.  I'm now working in a different room, and you've taken my spot.  And I must say, it's weird being on the parent side of the curriculum.  I've seen a lot of the projects; I know a lot of the topics.  Ms. Nancy (and Ms. Katie) is awesome, and I am so thrilled to have you in her class.  The pre-k class offers new challenges and topics and new experiences.  One of those experiences is the opportunity for field trips, and you got to go on your very first one recently! 

Your class, in preparation for Thanksgiving and such, had been learning all about Native Americans, so Ms. Nancy arranged for all of you to go to the Lake Jackson Indian Mounds.  Like I said, having been in the room for a bit, this was actually my fourth time to attend this field trip, but this time I did it as a Mommy!  And it was a lot of fun! 

Here are some pictures from your very first field trip:

You paying attention to Ms. Nancy.  That was nice to see...
Your class with your teachers, Ms. Nancy and Ms. Katie

Having a picnic snack

On a nature hike. 
I had a really good time getting to see you interact with your teachers and the other kids in your class.  And I am really looking forward to the next adventure! 

Love you bunches!

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