Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Better Late Than Never

Dear Ian,

Yes, I am WAY behind.  I realized today, January 29th, that I never posted about Christmas.  I am aware that Christmas takes place on the 25th of December.  It has occurred to me that I am now over a month behind on this post.  BUT!  As the title says, I'm better late than never.  So here goes...

This Christmas has got to go down as one of my very favorite Christmases ever.  You are at such a magical age.  Santa is real and alive in your life, you understand the spirit of giving, and you are more aware that a special miracle happened on Christmas all those many years ago. 

Our Christmas festivities took place like normal.  On Christmas Eve, we went to Grandma and Grandpa Brooks' house for a fun party.  Then we trucked on out to Grandma and Papa Davis' house for meatball subs and more fun with family.  You know?  I think pictures would explain more than I can with words.

 At Grandma and Grandpa's house.  We had our Christmas with them early, since Uncle Kurt, Aunt Stacey and Abigail were traveling for the actual holiday.  You and your stocking :)
Building Legos with Uncle Ryan.  Not really sure who is having more fun!
 This is one of my very favorite pictures from this Christmas.  You and all of your Davis side cousins.  Payton, Taylor and Nole!  It was so much fun having everyone home for Christmas . 
 Grandma and Papa Davis with all of their grands!  Christmas Eve was a blast.  Between the party at the Brooks' and meatball subs at the Davis', we were completely stuffed! 
 Then we came home put out reindeer food for Santa and his reindeer. 
 Sprinkling reindeer food. 
 Cant forget a treat for Santa and his reindeer!  We left Santa our awesome traditional Christmas cookies, and we left a carrot for the reindeer. 
 Santa came!  This photo makes me smile.  I knew that all of those special gifts would make you so very happy! 
Our pretty tree!
Finally it was Christmas morning!  As per our family tradition, you got up early and made your bed.  This is something that Grandma and Papa Davis taught me and Uncle Gary and Uncle Brian to do before we could open presents.  Grandma said it was because you needed a place to put your gifts after you opened them, but I think it was their way of keeping us in our rooms for about four minutes longer.
Here you come down the stairs!  I love this part of Christmas morning.
Sweet Little Bear, Christmas morning 2013.  You got a bunch of neat stuff in your stocking this year.  Stuff like Lego figures, a jump rope, and even wind up chatter teeth filled your stocking this year.  
 Your biggest and most favorite gift this year was your big boy bike.  This was really the only thing you asked for all Christmas, and your smile totally showed how happy you were to receive it. 
And you had to try it out right away!  
 After we opened our gifts at home, we packed up our sleigh with gifts for the rest of our family and headed back out to Grandma and Papa's house.  Chaos, presents and lasagna ensued!  Here's a picture of Payton and Taylor helping to pass out gifts.  There was a lot of craziness going on! 
 Sweet you and Papa.  I love this picture. 
 Here's a photo of the present wrapping madness!  I know I said it before, but it made my heart so happy to have both of my brothers and their families all here for Christmas.  It really made the day special.  And having Grandma and Grandpa Brooks and Daddy's brothers and their families here made it awesome, too.  We are so very lucky. 
After all of the presents and a yummy dinner of lasagna, you headed back out to ride your bike.  I think you are completely thrilled with your bike, and I love this picture.  Off you go!  My big boy!

So that, in pictures was our Christmas 2013.  It was a great day, and I'm sad it's gone.  But waiting so long to write this post sort of brought back some of that Christmas spirit and love.  And I guess maybe my procrastinating self realized I needed that reminder of Christmas spirit.  

In any case, better late than never!  
Merry Belated Christmas, Bear!

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