Friday, November 9, 2012

Works of Art #39

Once again, I am wicked behind when it comes to your art.  Thankfully, I remembered to photograph it all before it ended up in the bottomless pile of everything, so I was at least halfway to posting them...

 The art projects above and below I know you did in art with Miss Lynn.  The painting above is inspired by the work of naturalist John James Audubon.  He created famous paintings of birds and animals in the wild, and this is your work based on his.  See the three birds on the autumn branch? 
This composition is based on Leo Lionni's book A Busy Year.  It features Winnie and Willie, two mice, and their friend Woody, the tree.  Here you have Winnie and Willie picking apples off of Woody the tree with a beautiful sun in the background.  
 These next two pieces are from your classroom and the unit you did on nocturnal animals.  Above is a paper plate owl you did.  I love this little guy!
And here is a raccoon you created.  I think he's super cute!  You learned a lot during your nocturnal animals unit, and you're happy to educate anyone who will listen!
This colorful little guy is a shape dinosaur that overlapped two units:  shapes and dinosaurs, obviously.  I had him hanging in my little spot in my classroom for a bit, because I really liked him!  You were very proud of him, too.
 Moving on to fall and autumn artwork, we have the next couple of pieces.  Above is a great tree that you decorated with fall leaves.  I am pretty sure you made the leaves with your fingerprints.  You could not be bothered during your play to be asked about it. 
And here is a great tissue paper pumpkin you made, too!  I love this time of year, and the art is a big part of that!
 Finally, we wrap up this Works of Art post with some art you created for Halloween.  Above is a spider that I can actually tolerate, and to be honest, I think is really cute! 
Mmmm.  Candy corn!  One of my favorite fall things!  And this piece of artwork is no exception. 

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