Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Samson Complex

Dear Ian,

Today you had your first haircut. And while we weren't exactly blase' about it, we figured, "Hey, Ian likes people and new experiences. This should be fine!" I even bought safety lollypops to help keep you still and distracted. No worries! We went this morning to Mr. Fred at the Old Time Barber Shop, and you went in smiling like always. After all, it IS Mr. Fred, and he's basically an old family friend. He's cut Daddy's hair for about 30 years, and he does Grandpa Brooks' haircuts AND Uncle Kurt and Uncle Ryan's haircuts, too! This was going be a-okay.

Boy did you show us.

Thankfully we were a little busy holding you and trying to keep you still, so we didn't get photos of you actually crying like your little heart was breaking, but we did get a couple of photos. (this was before you really got worked up.) You have never cried like that. Not even when you got teeth or shots at the doctor's.

Not only that, but I think I have traumatized lollypops for you, too. After it was all said and done, I offered you another one (the first one got all hairy, so ewww), and you wanted nothing to do with it!

Mr. Fred was so wonderful. I have never seen him cut hair so fast, and he was really understanding and patient and talked to you the whole time. He even gave you a certificate commemorating the whole experience. It was really sweet.

So, we made it. It wasn't the most pleasant experience, and definitely not the most quiet, but we did it. You look so different; you're such a big boy now. All mommy has left of that little baby hair is a curl, safely tucked inside a little plastic ziploc that extra buttons come in to put in your baby book. Sniff.

But enough of that. If you're like your parents, and you most certainly are, you will need another haircut in about two weeks. I'm bracing myself now...

I love you,

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